Wha Provides a wide range of services for its users. Find some of our major services here.


Emergency Call

Our Registered doctors are 24/7 available to attend to any medical issue-related emergency calls.



Wha provides its users’ Hospital support.


Find A Doctor

Wha always helps its users to find the best required specialized doctors.



Get an appointment to visit your doctor is so easy with Wha website & application.



Wha ensures the best medical support for its users. Every life & every second is crucial for us.



Wha registered pharmacies will provide any kind of drugs & appointment required for a patient.

Find nearest

Find your Nearest available doctors, Hospitals, Pharmacies, Clinics, Diagnostics centers with Wha website & Application. Get effective immediate assistance, emergency treatment, or simple consultation.

Find nearest

With Wha service find your nearest specialized medical doctors & professionals. Wha will always find the best option for you?

Search Triage

Get help from triage when medichine and healthcaree are urgent for you. Search from triage to get your emargency health care.

Find Nearest

Find nearest hospitals, Pharmacies & Clinics by using your most recent location. Wha will show you all the available nearest options and assist you to decide the right option.


Great doctor if you need your family member to get effective emergency treatment or a simple consultation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wha application will analyze your current location and based on your physical conditions, past medication report, and doctors availability Wha application will find out the nearest doctor for you. All our registered medical doctors are always near you. Give a call and get the help you need.

Wha will give real-time vaccination and medication update based on your previously saved data. Whenever it’s time to take medicines wha will remind you to take your medicines.

To set an appointment with a Wha registered doctor, you have to first get registered and then you just have to mention your problems and then Wha will do the rest. You will get a notification of your appointment.

Wha aims to create a real-time health advice platform that can reach healthcare providers as well as healthcare deprived people, address war zones and areas which were victims of natural calamities. It will be a combination of live patient and clinician-facing decision support systems. Your Doctor is now just a phone call away. By using Wha you’ll be able to get a 24/7 healthcare service both for you and your family members.